Part catalogue, part reference guide, part best practice tool, THE BIG GREEN BOOK goes straight to the heart of your engineering challenges.

Learn more about our latest product catalogue

Learn more about our latest product catalogue

norelem has released the 16th iteration of THE BIG GREEN BOOK, its complete reference guide for design and mechanical engineers, and a cornerstone of industry throughout Europe. The global manufacturer and supplier of flexible standard parts packs the book full of comprehensive product information for its entire range, together with information including component dimensions, drawings, and standards.

Designed for professionals, the biggest and most comprehensive edition yet offers everything you need in one place. Notable additions to this year’s THE BIG GREEN BOOK include security hinge switches, profile dampers, compression springs and elastomer buffers.
  • Our flexible standard parts system

    The standard parts programme for tool-making and equipment manufacturing. Are you building a device in which component parts are fixed and handled? Then, you’ll find all the standard parts you need in the main group ‘norelem positions’. The order of the groups corresponds to the process of construction: Groundwork, fitting, positioning, clamping, operations and accessories.
  • Aluminium profiles, connector covers and special elements

    All aluminium profiles and accessories are perfectly matched to one another; used in combination, they are the perfect solution for your individual tasks. Semi-finished products with a rectangular cross-section and longitudinal standard mounting grooves are available in the Type I and Type B systems. They are fully compatible with the most popular profiles on the market. In combination with a wide range of accessories, they can be used in small and large construction tasks in mechanical engineering and in automation technology.
  • Systems and components for machine and plant construction

    If you need standard parts for the power transmission in a machine or plant, then you are in the right place. Parts in the main group ‘norelem moves’ are also grouped according to their use: Groundwork, positioning, transmitting power, breaking and dampening.
  • Measuring and testing components

    The core of your quality assurance: concentricity gauges and dial gauges by norelem.
    This is how to bring quality to the fore: inspection tables, gauge stands and standard elements for control and test devices.
  • Clamping technology

    We are setting standards in this area with the new physics of clamping of the 5-axis clamping system. It was developed to ensure the optimum handling of complex parts on modern 5-axis machines. Intelligent clamping technology increases the rigidity of the clamp when used with the greatest cutting and feed forces. Short standard tools can be used due to optimum access to the component. Tool costs are significantly reduced.
  • Material handling and transport

    For the user, products have to be labour-saving and productive. They must also fulfil any requirements demanded of them. This group, therefore, includes high-quality wheels, rollers, ball transfer units and small conveyor belts by norelem.
  • All other accessories

    Here, you can find workshop accessories and organisational tools, from hammers and cylinder cleaners to lubricants and adhesives.

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